Angie PRO is an efficient, powerful, and scalable web server that was forked from nginx:

  • Conceived by ex-devs from the original team to venture beyond the earlier vision and act as a drop-in replacement without major changes to module setup or configuration.

  • Includes all capabilities of nginx 1.25.2, including HTTP/3 support, and a number of new features.

Current Version#

Angie PRO 1.3.2 was released on November 23, 2023. New versions appear quarterly; in between, we publish urgent fixes and important updates.

Also, see the entire changelog.


Core advantages over nginx include the following:

  • Simplified configuration: the location directive can define several matching expressions at once, which enables combining blocks that share configuration.

  • Exposing basic information about the web server, its configuration files, as well as metrics of proxied servers, client connections, shared memory zones, and many other things via a RESTful API interface in JSON format.

  • Managing proxied servers through a RESTful dynamic configuration API.

  • Exporting statistics in Prometheus format with customizable templates.

  • Monitoring and controlling the server through the browser with the Console Light visual monitoring tool. See the online demo: https://console.angie.software/

  • Automatically updating lists of proxied servers matching a domain name or retrieve such lists from SRV DNS records.

  • Proactively checking the state of proxied servers by sending periodic probing requests.

  • Load balancing based on average response time from proxied servers with customizable smoothing factor.

  • Session binding mode, which directs all requests within one session to the same proxied server.

  • Conditional binding of client connections to the proxied server connection, which also enables proxying NTLM.

  • Cache sharding in the proxy module, which enables distributing it between locations depending on the properties of the response.

  • Pre-built binary packages for many popular third-party modules.