Several installation options are available for the free open-source version:

Binary packages

Recommended; we build and publish packages for most Linux distros and FreeBSD.

Besides, we prepare and release builds for many popular third-party modules.

Docker images

To run in a container, you can download the Docker image from our registry. We build images from our own packages based on a wide range of distributions.

The images in the registry contain all the modules we build, including third-party ones; there is also a minimal image without additional modules.

Source build

If other options don’t suit you for some reason, create a build from the source code.

You can suggest new installation methods, modules, and distributions on the forum or on GitHub. Additionally, for a number of distributions, third-party repositories are available.

Angie PRO#

The main installation option for the commercial version is binary packages, stored in a secure private repository; to access it, you need to sign a contract and purchase a license.

Builds are available for most POSIX-compatible systems; in addition, we can create and test your build to suit your distribution and installation methods.

We also prepare and publish builds for many popular third-party modules; upon request, we can also create and verify the functionality of your custom module build.